The Tay Foundation is a Charitable Trust helping the River Tay and its tributaries, fish and environment

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Tay Foundation Proposal

The Tay Foundation is looking for a major sponsor who can help us develop the river system to its full potential over a ten year period.

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The origins of the Tay Foundation lie in the establishment in 1985 of a group known as the River Tay District Advisory Committee which was set up by the salmon proprietors on the Tay to advise the Tay DSFB and the proprietors on matters concerned with the fishery resource.

The committee advised on the value of setting up a charitable trust to further research, education and conservation of salmon and all fish species within the Tay district. It saw through the launch of the Tay Foundation in 1987.

The Tay Foundation trustees were originally represented by a nominee of the Chairman of the Tay DSFB, one nominee from the Advisory Committee, the Provost of Perth and Kinross and the Professor of Zoology at the University of Aberdeen.

Within a few years of its inception the Tay Foundation became involved in raising funds for a buyout of net fisheries in the Tay estuary owned by Perth and Kinross Council and the Tay Salmon Fisheries Company, and indeed became the main vehicle for doing this. This process was finally completed at the end of the 1996 netting season. The Tay Foundation now has a long lease of all the major net fisheries in the Firth of Tay and indeed is outright owner of some others.

Thereafter the Tay Foundation has continued to fund research projects within the district and contribute to various conservation initiatives, for example the buyout of the Northumbrian Drift net fishery in 2003. However, it was felt that the trustee base was too restrictive and, in 2004, the Tay Foundation was reconstituted with a wider trustee base, including representatives of The Tay Ghillies Association and the Tay Liaison Committee. Since then the Tay Foundation has been more active in initiating fundraising activities and commissioning research and fisheries improvement works.

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