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The Tay Foundation is looking for a major sponsor who can help us develop the river system to its full potential over a ten year period.

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River flow estimation

Water abstraction, particularly for hydro power, is a major issue in the Tay district. The highest profile example is the upper River Garry which is practically dry over 21km (for detailed information on that issue click here).

As a result of the EU Water Framework Directive, restoration of flows to such rivers is now under consideration. In order to inform decisions, SEPA and SSE, which operates the major hydro schemes in the catchment, use specialist flow estimation software to predict what natural flows might be in watercourses that lack detailed flow gauging data.

The Tay Foundation supported the purchase of the same software so that fisheries managers could have access to the same information and engage in any debates with sufficient authority.

The Tay DSFB has made good use of this software in a major response to a recent SEPA consultation.

That report can be accessed here.

The River Garry near Dalnacardoch Lodge is almost dry because of water abstraction. The EU Water Framework Directive offers hope for restoration of such rivers.