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Shochie Burn Fish Counter Project

The Shochie Burn is a tributary which joins the River Tay at Luncarty.

It is, for salmon, the most significant burn sized tributary to directly enter the main stem of the Tay (this is because any other similar sized burns are not naturally accessible to salmon for any distance because of waterfalls).

It is widely stated by locals that runs of salmon in the Shochie are less than they were several decades ago. In order to understand more about the numbers of salmon and sea trout which run this burn, in conjunction with the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board, it is our intention to install a fish counter in the lower reaches of the burn.

The fish counter has now been purchased through a grant from the Scottish Government obtained via the Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS).

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A short distance upstream of its confluence with the Tay a large weir blocks the passage of salmon up the Shochie Burn.





All salmon and sea trout ascending the burn must therefore ascend this "Malloch" fish pass at the weir. Because all the fish must pass through this relatively small channel it is possible to monitor their movements and numbers using a VAKI fish counter.