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Dall Burn Weir Survey

The Dall Burn is a tributary of Loch Rannoch which, apart from the River Gaur, is probably the largest individual tributary which could be of value to spawning loch trout and salmon.

Most of the other significant tributaries are either naturally inaccessible to migrating fish or impacted by hydro water abstraction.

However, adult loch trout and salmon are currently restricted by an impassable weir which is located a short distance upstream from the loch. If this barrier could be circumvented a significant amount of valuable nursery habitat could be added to the Loch Rannoch catchment.

In 2010 the Tay Foundation contributed to a survey of this weir by a fish pass specialist to design the most appropriate type of fish pass. Half the cost was also met by SEPA's Water Environment Restoration Fund. The options are now being considered.

A survey to determine the most appropriate type of fish       pass for the Dall Burn weir was conducted in autumn 2010. The survey was funded by SEPA's Water Environment Restoration Fund and the Tay Foundation.


There is a lot of excellent fish habitat above this weir which could make a significant contribution to trout and salmon in the Loch Rannoch area.