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Estuary and Riverine Netting Stations Buyout

Historically, salmon were netted in the estuary and lower reaches of the River Tay.

The locations of the various netting stations are shown on the diagram below. While most of the netting stations downstream of the mouth of the Earn were abandoned voluntarily, even in the 1980s many of the stations upstream of the mouth of the Earn were still operating and expoliting a significant proportion of salmon entering the Tay, particularly in the summer.

From the late 1980s onwards the Tay Foundation became involved in negotiations with the then net fishing proprietors and the various fisheries were removed in several tranches, culminating with the removal of the remaining Tay Salmon Fisheries Company nets after the 1996 season. The main net fishing rights are now held under lease by the Tay Foundation and are not operated for conservation purposes.

A small number of privately owned stations still exist (see diagram below) but these are hardly fished.


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Monthly net and coble catch, Tay District 1952 – 1996 (netting ceased in several tranches after the late 1980s - when large numbers of salmon were still being caught - closing almost completely in 1996). The data used in this graph are Crown copyright, used with the permission of Marine Scotland Science, Aberdeen. Marine Scotland is not responsible for interpretation of these data by third parties.


The Tay estuary was formerly netted extensively but the Tay Foundation now leases the most important of the netting stations which were closed for conservation reasons.